Kate Jordan Art

Kate studied Fine Art at University specialising in painting. She sees her Art as a playful intervening between naive and expressive mark making.

Her figurative and landscape compositions use bold colour and pattern. She enjoys creating  depth of texture and glimmers of light with the use of gold, silver and copperleaf within her Art work.

Her painting style often embraces family life, such as walking the dog, happy places, holidays and memories. Kate loves creating strong female characters within her work , depicting them with humour, ambiguity and sincerity.

Kate lives and works at her home studio in Hornsea with her family and pets. She also illustrates and creates private commissions. She loves living by the sea.

Kate Jordan Art

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Time to fly
£480.00 £600.00
Its wild out there
£480.00 £600.00
Indian Summer
£480.00 £600.00
The wedding field
£400.00 £500.00
Beyond the Brambles
£320.00 £400.00
Over the drystone wall
£288.00 £360.00
a snow song
£240.00 £300.00
Rosie's Walk
£216.00 £270.00
Robin loves Robin
£200.00 £250.00
Spring has sprung
£200.00 £250.00
Into The Blue
£200.00 £250.00