Lucy Wilton Drawings

Here is a little info about the artist Lucy Wilton.

She is a fine line artist from West Yorkshire, England.

As you can see from her work she is inspired by nature, the flowers, the trees, and of course the beautiful bumble bees. She loves nothing better than going out for a walk and having all her senses awakened. Feeling the breeze, seeing all the beauty of the planet, sharing it with the many creatures and wildlife.

She always take nature photographs on her walks, and loves to refer back to these at home in the studio when working on new pieces.

She uses fine line pens for the detail in her work, and acrylic paint for the colour. A lot of her pieces have just the bumble bees painted, to make them really stand out. She loves to chat about bees and raise awareness of their importance in the world we share.

She lives with her husband and 2 children who are her world. She believes there truly is no better way to see the world than through children’s eyes, they too love to be in the great outdoors exploring.

Drawing to creating to packaging, is all done by Lucy in her home studio, which is such a lovely achievement.

Follow Lucy on her Instagram and Facebook accounts to keep up to date on events she is attending, and keep up to date about new pieces she is working on.

‘There is no better feeling than to bring a smile to someone’s day and I hope my work brings you happiness and makes you smile’ (Lucy Wilton)

Lucy Wilton Drawings

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