Manny Hearts

'Manny Hearts' materialised to showcase the variety of hearts, corsages, buttonholes, and home accessories, I hand sew and embroider. My lovely Mum was the biggest supporter of my crafts; her name ‘Ann’ is included in my business name. I celebrate her memory through my sewing, she was an exceptional seamstress.

I live in Beverley and have created embroidered hearts, corsages for several years.  My heart decorations have been posted worldwide and I am always overjoyed that they bring such happiness.

My corsages are a pleasure to make in felt, a manageable fabric and come in a variety of colours and look amazing as embellishments, buttonholes, decorating clothes, bags, coats, home decor and so much more.

I am passionate about passing on my embroidery/sewing skills and just recently volunteered for the ‘Beverley Repair Café’, the group was set up to benefit the whole community with the aim of reducing landfill and improving people’s financial and mental wellbeing.

Manny Hearts

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