The Painter's Daughter

The Painters Daughter evolved from a life long passion for fashion and interior design.  

Hayley creates beautiful bespoke cushions and tea towels from superior quality fabric waste/remnants, sourced from a local supplier.  

Your requests to create your individual requirements are welcomed.

Prints and texture to fall in love with, Enjoy!

The Painter's Daughter

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Blue Palm 18000
Blue Stripe TPD69000
£15.00 £20.00
Bold Tropical
£22.50 £30.00
Bold Velour TPD50000
£15.00 £20.00
Bold Velour TPD51000
£15.00 £20.00
Cornflower TPD70000
£15.00 £20.00
Flower Burst TPD55000
£15.00 £20.00
Green Blend TPD64000
£11.25 £15.00
Green Day
£15.00 £20.00
Green tropic TPD57000
£13.50 £18.00