Amulet of Ashes

My name is Sam Lloyd and I own Amulet of Ashes. 

I specialise in handmade Artisan & Cremation Ashes/Memorial Jewellery.

I started my business in 2019 during the pandemic and it has been successfully growing worldwide ever since. 

My inspiration for the items I make & sell at Art & Soul is all about nature & natural beauty. 

Flowers, nature, sealife & animals all play a part in my inspiration. The world is a beautiful place, so why not carry a piece of it wherever we go.

My items are handmade from top quality Sterling Silver & Metals. 

The resin is made from non-toxic materials and cures to a glass-like state, making it highly durable. The resin is UV protected and does not yellow over time(trailed & tested. Guaranteed) 

Each and every handmade item is different, making it unique to you!

Amulet of Ashes

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