The Artful Dotter
The Artful Dotter was born out of my love of the ancient art form of dot mandala and a desire to explore my creative abilities.
‘Mandala’ comes from the Sanskrit word ‘mandal’ meaning circle. Dot mandala is therefore a circular design exacting symmetry, with the central dot the core from which the pattern grows.
Here at The Artful Dotter, I create original, hand painted dot mandala artwork and products utilising this free hand art form, practised for centuries by the Buddhist Monks. Through dot mandala, I make the practical pretty and introduce a little calm amongst the chaos of modern life through the use of symmetry and repetition in my design.
Each piece is hand crafted in my studio in Kirk Ella, with time, care and detail in every individual piece. I use quality acrylics cured to give your piece durability and longevity.
Whether it’s a piece from my seasonal range or a commission piece, I hope you enjoy my hand-crafted products as much as I enjoy creating them...
‘From a strong core the story develops, as do you’

The Artful Dotter

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