Fresh faced French Clay and Charcoal Face Mask - Purifying
Fresh faced French Clay and Charcoal Face Mask - Purifying
Fresh faced French Clay and Charcoal Face Mask - Purifying
Fresh faced French Clay and Charcoal Face Mask - Purifying

Fresh faced French Clay and Charcoal Face Mask - Purifying


This listing is for our Fresh Faced! Purifying Face Mask, a Kaolin Clay Powder Face Mask with Bergamot Essential Oil and Activated Charcoal to draw out impurities and cleanse skin.  Suitable for all skin types, especially great for troubled skin!
Kaolin soothes and helps skin repair, drawing out impurities for clear skin. It helps to ease congested skin, improve blood circulation, absorb excess oil and the minerals will help to refine and reduce the appearance of large pores.
Activated Charcoal is claimed to be one of the best natural acne remedies. Combining the natural cleansing action of the kaolin clay with the detoxifying properties of the charcoal enables the mixture to reach deep into your pores, remove the toxins and impurities and leave a smoother more refined glow.
You will receive an aluminium tin of face mask in powder form, along with a wooden spoon for measuring out, presented in a cardboard (recycled and recyclable) gift box so it's ready to be received.  This clay mask contains 10g, which is approximately 3 servings, making this pampering treat a little slice of attainable luxury and self care without breaking the bank.  And this is a zero waste product as you use it aaaaaalll up!
Directions for use: 
Add 2 teaspoons each of powder and water (use the same spoon as provided) to a little bowl.  Mix into a paste, taking care not to create a dust and apply to face and neck immediately, avoiding the eye area. Leave to dry for 5-10 minutes then gently rinse off with warm water, using a circular motion for extra exfoliation. 
If products enters eyes, rinse well immediately with cold water.
Do not store the product once it has been mixed with water. Store your products in the gift box while not in use to keep them safe! This product is vegan friendly.
Clay masks are a traditional way of gently exfoliating and cleansing the skin. They help to remove toxins and dead skin cells, absorb excess oil or nourish dry skin and they improve circulation. They can be used regularly on their own, as part of a cleansing routine or with other products to create a natural spa experience.
Depending on which face mask you choose the powder could also have exfoliants included for an extra layer of cleansing. 
Each mask contains white Kaolin Clay as a base, which is the gentlest and great for sensitive and dry skin. It doesn’t absorb so much as it softens super gentle bits for mild exfoliation. It is a gentle cleanser that will help extract impurities and absorb excess oils from the skin without causing any inflammation. It can help with acne breakouts and when used regularly some have found that it can help balance the skin's oil production. 
We then add in French Clay for an extra layer of cleansing and nourishment. French Clays attach themselves to oil, bacteria, and impurities from the skin to eliminate them and leave skin feeling cleansed, clarified, and balanced. By restoring essential minerals to the skin, Clays nourish and replenish the skin’s moisture, enhance its function, promote the regeneration of cells, minimize the appearance of enlarged pores, repair damage, revitalize skin that appears to be dull, dry, and tired, and reduce the chance of congestion that leads to breakouts.  There are different types of French Clay, as detailed below, and your mask will contain one of them.
Pink French clay is referred to as the gentlest and is perfect for sensitive skin but is still suitable for all skin types. It is a combination of red and white clays and can help to reduce inflammation and irritation. It can deep cleanse without drying out the skin and help promote healthy cell renewal. It is perfect for tight, dry and dehydrated skin which need a helping hand to stay hydrated as it does not remove the skins natural oils. It is claimed to help even skin tone and improve the skin's elasticity.
Green clay is probably one of the most popular clays used in beauty treatments as lovers of this clay report that by using this their skin is left feeling clearer and brighter. Everyday pollution and grime can leave impurities and your pores clogged. Green clay can help draw those impurities out and remove the toxins leaving your skin looking glowing and healthy. It is also claimed to help remove excess oil and restore the balance of the skin, to tighten and minimise the pores and reduce inflammation in acne. 
Yellow clay detoxifies and helps decongest blocked pores, sloughs off dead skin cells, stimulates circulation and leaves your skin feeling tightened and toned.
The natural absorbency of French Red Clay makes it the ultimate solution for people with oily skin because it can slough off dead skin cells, cleanse the surface of the skin, remove unwanted oils, and leave the skin looking toned and rejuvenated.
Why use a powder as opposed to a premade mask?
We prefer powders for two reasons. Firstly, ready made masks containing any water or water based product will need to have a preservative added to stop bacteria growing. Without such a preservative the product would be dangerous and not meet Cosmetic Products Safety Regulations. We prefer to avoid the use of preservatives where we can in order to keep our products as natural as possible. Secondly, using powder leaves you with the option of adding the liquid of your choice - this could be water, a floral hydrosol or a milk such as coconut depending on your preference.
Although our products are made from natural ingredients with no added chemicals or preservatives, the majority of our products do contain a small quantity of Sweet Almond Oil (just a precautionary note for Nut Allergy sufferers). None of our products contain Palm Oil, and they never will.  
French Clay and Charcoal Face Mask - Purifying