Jacis of York: Twilight Garden 250ml Scented Candle

Jacis of York: Twilight Garden 250ml Scented Candle


Twilight Garden scented candle comes richly infused with the relaxing scent of moonlight blooms, oozing in soft aromas of flowering lilies, ylang and jasmine.
A hint of peach and musk follow, subtly filling your room with a calming flora scent flow.

Available with a free gift box.
Hand poured and hand decorated here in Yorkshire by me, using eco friendly products:

- 100% Eco Soy Advanced wax
- Vegan friendly scents
- Cruelty Free / Phthalate Free / Paraben and Silicone Free / Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) Free
- Real dried flora / fauna
- Jar can be washed and re-used when candle has burned out.
- Burn time is approx. ~20 hours 
Important: Please red safety information on reverse and underside of candle, and retain for future use.

For best results using soy, burn the candle initially for 4 hours, this ensures that the melted wax will re-melt in a similar way when re-lit.
Before re-lighting, trim the wick, so the black sooty part is removed, to expose the fresh wood.