Rhubarb Gin Fizzing Bath Dust
Rhubarb Gin Fizzing Bath Dust

Rhubarb Gin Fizzing Bath Dust


Rhubarb Gin fizzing bath cocktail

The Ultimate Gin lovers guilt free bath treat...Rhubarb Gin Feel Good Bath Fizz, full of tangy Rhubarb and botanicals - it smells DIVINE!
This is just bath heaven in our opinion - and it's alcohol and calorie free so no heavy Gin headache in the morning after....and if you like the sound of our Feelgood Fizz have a look at the rest of the range :)
Now, you may wonder what Bath Fizz is? It is simply a deconstructed bath bomb, it's just not shaped.  It works in exactly the same way as a formed bath bomb, but it means it can easily and safely be posted without damage :) Bath Fizz was developed during lockdown as part of our Letterbox gift range, it fits easily as a large letter through the post!  And it's a zero waste product as you use it aaaaaaall up in the bath!
Contained within a sealed kraft pouch which can be recycled, approx 120g. The recommended use is the entire packet in one bath to obtain the full benefit of the Essential oils.

Although our products are made from natural ingredients with no added chemicals or preservatives, the majority of our products do contain a small quantity of Sweet Almond Oil (just a precautionary note for Nut Allergy sufferers).  
Rhubarb Gin Fizzing Bath Cocktail