Seller Information Pack

We've listed just some of the reasons to join us below....


Great Location: As well as being part of the Flemingate Shopping Centre, we are just a stone’s throw away from the historic Beverley Minster, one the towns popular tourist destinations. 

Affordable rent: Being in a store like ours gives you the opportunity to successfully trade in a prime location with an affordable rental package compared to the huge outlay and commitment associated with owning your own shop. Best of all, you do not need to be here every day. 

Knowledgeable staff: Our store will be staffed with a fantastic sales team focused on customer care. We will encourage a friendly approach to customers so that they feel relaxed, providing the customer with unbiased information to help them decide which item to buy. 

Great Communication: We will provide you with regular updates and analysis on your sales and will work with you to help you deliver your business goals. 

Flexible Space Management: To ensure your display and stock is always available for customers, you are welcome to manage your stock and display yourself, by pre-arranged visits during normal opening hours. For those makers who are based further afield or would prefer not to travel to visit the store you can ship your stock to us, and we will manage your space. 

Safe & secure premises: CCTV cameras will be fitted throughout the store monitoring 24 hours a day. Staff will be vigilant and regularly circulate around the store allowing customers to be monitored. 

Growing Community: You will be joining a community of fantastic artists and makers and will have access to an online forum where you can chat, support each other and share ideas. 



We have capacity for 185 rental spaces with prices starting from £40/month up to £150/month. The options detailed are for rental of wall space or unit space and will suit most makers.  We will work with you to choose the options that suits you best and provide all the shelving and display units. Alternative rates can be discussed for single items/large items or large spaces.

Please contact us and we'll send you an information pack.